Welcome to Bellevue Memorial Park

  • A 78 acre, beautifully manicured, private, non-profit, non-denominational, California licensed, historic cemetery on level ground established in 1892 to serve Ontario and the Inland Empire.

  • In 2017, Bellevue received the coveted George Chaffey Memorial Award from the City of Ontario for leadership preserving Ontario’s cultural heritage.

  • The cemetery includes two magnificent mausoleum structures, three chapels, over 41 grass-covered ground burial sections and more than 600 spectacular trees, all set within 15 specially named private roads within the cemetery.

  • More than 62,500 people are interred at Bellevue with many decades of space available for generations of families.

  • You are invited to visit and share in the beauty of this historic cemetery.

Endowment Care

Bellevue Memorial Park is a private, California State licensed, non-profit cemetery, operating with a State required Endowment Care (EC) Fund. The EC Fund provides for the ongoing care and maintenance of the cemetery ensuring the beauty of the park is preserved for generations to come.

Made in Ontario Welcome Video

produced by the City of Ontario

If you need immediate help or wish to plan in advance, Bellevue Memorial Park’s family service counselors are here to assist you.
Please call (909) 986-1201.

Large Enough to Help, Small Enough to Care